About me

My name is Linda and my creative brain has always been bubbling and bursting with ideas. As a kid I used to draw, paint and make up wild stories. Some of those stories even won prices. As I become a grown-up, I noticed I lost touch a bit with my unique gift of imagination. Because let’s face it: adulting can be quite boring and dull the senses. That’s when I decided on my personal mission. I want to create things that are original, fun and inspire others to experience that sense of childlike wonder again. Thus, my new name for a creative studio, Blanket Fort, came into existence. It’s my adult playground for cheeky, unusual and out-of-the-box concepts that I create for clients. I have a Bachelors in Communication and I have studied different creative disciplines, including photography, writing and graphic design. Now, I am helping different clients to tell their stories in the best way possible. Whether it be in images or in words.