Elma is the facility manager that gets shit done.

Warm, pro-active and an overall awesome boss lady. That’s how I got to know Elma during my time working at Quby, a software company where she was (and still is, on a freelance basis) running the front office, managing all the facilities in our building and basically handling every single thing that people could throw at her. 

Since Elma decided to work as a freelance facility manager, she told me she needed a fresh new website that would spread the message of her availability. 

My design for her website is clean, bold and has a slight nod to her strong personality and great sense of humor. I also created an accompanying business card in a square format and bold lettering.

“I love the website because it really makes a statement about who I am as a self starter with a lot of experience and it shows my personal warm side as well.” Elma Wartenbergh, Freelance Facility Manager