Fashion designer Jana Chocholackova

Working with Jana @chocho_la_ckova and in her fashion atelier is a feast for all the senses. Her artisinal space with all sorts of leathers, hardware and wonderful tools gives me a nostalgic sense which brings me back to workworking classes and handicrafts in school. Smells of woods, sights of industrial sewing machines and sounds of a bedazzling ‘gun’ (sounds scarier than it is 😉 ) are just a few of the examples of what it’s like being in this shop of wonders. Her work is wonderfully experimental and artisinal at the same time, you should check it out! I have helped Jana with a full redesign of her website (including the copy, some of the photography), creating and managing a social media content calendar, setting up a styleguide for her brand and services and creating document templates such as a gift voucher.