A neon glow with a cool vibe.

A prolific American gamer raised on Nintendo like many of us growing up in the nineties, Max bravely quit his job in the US and moved across the Atlantic Ocean to Amsterdam, the Netherlands to turn his passion into his new career.

Under his alias ‘Max the Catfish’ he started streaming on Twitch playing games that he loves. This community is all about creating a positive and supportive community of adult gamers, which I think is great!

I got in touch with him through Authentic Days, a platform for hanging out offline, where I was asking for cool collaborative photoshoot ideas and people brave enough willing to go on a modelling adventure with me. 

Max said he wanted to give his gaming endeavour a professional boost and a face to his personal brand. So, off I went to find us a cool spot for a photoshoot and I found the perfect one: The Arcade Hotel which has a really cool game room with a big neon sign. Lucky for us they were more than happy to host our photoshoot.

“I wanted a unique portrait reminiscent of the jazz scene. Something that wasn’t too cliché and a mix of cool and approachable. I am very happy with how the pictures turned out.” Max Witherspoon, Content Creator – Gaming