Pillar: parenting with purpose

In joining the network ‘De Nieuwe Gevers‘, a platform that sources creatives’ skills and time for (non-profit) projects, I came into contact with Liesbeth Verhagen. She is the founder of Pillar, introducing a new app to the market to support parents in guiding their children in the development of life kills and creating strong family connections. During the brand identity design process I suggested to rethink the brand name and to choose a shorter and more powerful one. The founder came up with Pillar as the new brand and I invented a slogan that would help tell the story of the brands purpose: to parent with purpose. In addition I created the logo, a color palette and a few patterns, which was later on translated into an app design (by Jerina Luteijn) and other brand documents.

Liesbeth Verhagen, founder Pillar:
“Next to her creativity, Linda has the ability to really listen to the customer and adjust the designs inline with the feedback she receives. This made de brand identity design process a true co-creation, which I really enjoyed. Linda’s way of working and communicating is very clear and accurate, which made it a pleasure to work with her.”